Roadworthy Certificate

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* Price List:

Car  any up to 2004 model vehicle  $89 Plus GST ($97.90 incl GST)

Car  any from 2005 to 2008  $99 Plus GST ($108.90 incl GST)

Car  any after 2009 $119 Plus GST ($130.90 incl GST)

Car  up to 3 Years old $189 Plus GST ($207.90 incl GST)

4X4, SUV, Van, Ute and any light Commercial Vehicle any up to 2004 model vehicle  $110 Plus GST ($121 incl GST)

4X4, SUV, Van, Ute and any light Commercial Vehicle any from 2005 to 2008 $120 Plus GST ($132 incl GST)

4X4, SUV, Van, Ute and any light Commercial Vehicle any after 2009 $150 Plus GST ($165 incl GST)

4X4, SUV, Van, Ute and any light Commercial Vehicle up to 3 Years old $199 Plus GST ($218.90 incl GST)


*Above price is not applicable on any European vehicle, Long wheel base vehicle and any other make and model Vehicle any before 1990 PLEASE ASK US FOR THE PRICE

*Any LPG install vehicle will occur additional $50 Plus GST. ($55 incl GST)

*Some long wheel base vehicle will occur additional cost (please ask us for price)

*$10 will occur for PPSR check if applicable

* Second Inspection may cost additional $55 ( please ask us for more details)

Purposes of a Roadworthy Certificate

– A requirement for buying or selling a vehicle.

– A requirement for re-registering a used vehicle.

Buying or selling a vehicle? In Victoria a Roadworthy Certificate is generally required when a vehicle is sold or if a used vehicle is to be re-registered. This helps minimise the number of poorly maintained vehicles on the road and avoid accidents due to vehicle failures. For more information please visit the VicRoads website.

What Will be Inspected to Pass a Roadworthy Certification Testing?

The main purpose of the roadworthy certificate inspection is to guarantee that the vehicle is safe to operate on normal driving conditions.

– Overall Vehicle Structure

– Lamps & Reflectors

– Tyres / Wheels

– Windows / Windshield & Wipers

– Reflectors & Lamps

– Suspension, Steering and Brakes

– Full Chassis

– Full Engine

– Other parts that may affect overall performance of a vehicle

Do  you need a Roadworthy Certificate?

Western Auto is an authorized Roadworthy Certification Service Centre. We can help you get a roadworthy certificate as fast as possible depending on your vehicle’s condition.


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