Why Does My Car Blow Smoke? Here are 3 Reasons to It

Why Does My Car Blow Smoke? Here are 3 Reasons to It
Why Does My Car Blow Smoke? Here are 3 Reasons to It

Does your car blow Smoke? Is this a sign of something seriously wrong? Don’t worry; we are going to answer all these questions through this detailed blog. Your car blows Smoke for several reasons, which might be a serious problem for your vehicle. Several questions need to be answered before we move forward:

  • What colour and when does it blow?
  • Is it a diesel or petrol engine and how many kilometres?

The colour will help us in understanding the issue involved. You can get your vehicle repaired by any professional car mechanic in Brooklyn, and they will solve your vehicle and give you the best outcomes. Let us look at some smoke colours and their reasons.

White or Grey

If you witness white or grey colour smoke occurring on the first startup, it is fairly normal. The main reason for this kind of Smoke is that vapours in the exhaust system cool down when the engine is turned off. If you witness this kind of Smoke, there is no need to get your car service in Brooklyn. You might also witness water dripping from the tailpipe. So, if you notice white or grey Smoke from your vehicle, then it’s a normal sign; you don’t have to worry about it.

White and a lot of Smoke

This kind of Smoke indicates that the fuel pump is out of sync or an injector is wide open, or valve timing is out of whack. This kind of Smoke is serious and can cause serious damage to your vehicle. It might also be a reason that you have put petrol in your diesel engine. Ensure that you get your car repaired by any professional car mechanic in Brooklyn to witness exceptional outcomes.

Black Smoke

Black Smoke is unburnt fuel. If it is a petrol vehicle, then it might be a big concern for your vehicle. But don’t feel anxious about it. This type of Smoke indicates that your fuel economy has gone to hell, and long term damage will occur if this problem persists. Ensure that you get your vehicle repaired from any professional car service in Brooklyn to witness exceptional outcomes.

We hope that the above-discussed points will help you keep your vehicle safe and give you the best driving experience.

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