Ways to take care of your car and be better fuel efficient.

Ways to take care of your car and be better fuel efficient.
Ways to take care of your car and be better fuel efficient.

With not only the environment to worry about and excessive carbon footprint, there is more of a need for us to work more environmentally friendly and be better fuel efficient with our vehicles, not only for the environment, but to better care for and protect our cars from damage or harm.

At Westrn Auto, we believe in checking all systems and avoiding any potential issues on the road. With regular maintenance and servicing and implementing some at home tips to better care for your car, you can be guaranteed a better running car and a more fuel-efficient vehicle.

Here are some handy tips on how you can make your car more fuel efficient this month:

Minimise how much you use your vehicle: Avoiding short vehicle trips can be very fuel efficient. As trips shorter than 5km, are less fuel efficient and pollute faster. Substituting driving for walking when there is a chance of a shorter trip will not only will save over a quarter of a kilogram of greenhouse gas emissions, but will save your car from overusing petrol for short trips which can cause engine disruption.

Drive in appropriate gears if in a manual car: If you drive in a lower gear than what you need you will drain your fuel tank significantly, and by using top gears over hills and corners will cause significant disruption to your engine. So carefully selecting an appropriate gear and changing up gears as soon as the car is in a stable position, without accelerating unnecessarily will protect your car’s engine and fuel gauge.

Ease back on accelerating in an automatic vehicle: If you are in an automatic vehicle, your transmission should ease and shift up more quickly once you ease back slightly on the accelerator, this will stabilise how much fuel you use and keep it at a balanced level. Minimise how much power you use in your car, like radio, air conditioning, lights and more that will increase fuel consumption.

Drive smoothly and manage your conditions: Stop/start driving guzzles at your fuel gauge, it is important that if you are driving in heavy traffic and built up areas for long periods of time, that you turn off your engine intermittently to save your fuel.

Easy on speeding and accelerating: Manage your speeds and how heavy you go on the accelerator, as heavy acceleration and revs will double the amount of petrol your car will use. Managing safe and cruising speeds will help keep your fuel consumption at a balanced level and will avoid excessive accelerating and breaking that can be detrimental to your fuel consumption.

Keep your vehicles tyres well looked after: It is important that your car’s tyres are at their highest recommended pressure and regularly aligned. By keeping your tyre care at a number one priority will not only help your car become better fuel efficient, but will also increase the lifespan and strength of your tyres.

Make sure your car is regularly serviced: It is always important to maintain a frequent car servicing schedule for your vehicle with professional mechanics in Melbourne. It is important to have a fully qualified mechanic look at your vehicle and make internal and external assessments with you, to ensure that the vehicle is receiving the right kind of care it needs. By getting these regular services completed, your fuel consumption plan can be revised in a way that helps you save fuel better.

We understand that finding the time to book in your car for a service can be difficult, as is implementing ways to make your vehicle more fuel efficient. This is why at Western Auto, we are the experts with a wide range of knowledge on car mechanics to deliver appropriate servicing and fuel efficiency tips and tricks to help you better take care of your car.

We are the team you can trust for high quality and efficient car servicing.

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