Some Common things you MUST CHECK after getting your car serviced

Some Common things you MUST CHECK after getting your car serviced
Some Common things you MUST CHECK after getting your car serviced

Are you getting your car serviced with the best Car Mechanic in Maidstone? If yes, then there are several checklists that you need to check after your car gets services. This checklist is common for everyone and any car mechanic you choose. By learning in detail about this checklist, you will understand your vehicle efficiently and also get the best advantages that you are looking for. Receiving your car without checking anything could be a risky task. From checking the bill, engine oil to every single part of your vehicle, it is your responsibility that you keep your eye on it.

Here are 3 Things You Must Check After Getting Your Car Serviced:


1) Itemised Bill

This is the first thing you will receive after getting your car services; make sure you check it thoroughly and compare it with the parts they charged for. Also, check whether it contains the exact price as quoted by the service advisor to you. Human or machine error does happen, and you should always check it in detail to ensure that you are paying the right amount to the car mechanic in Maidstone.

2) Engine Oil/Transmission Oil

All the energy of your vehicle comes through engine oil, and the engine is the heart of your vehicle, ensuring that you check that the engine is working smoothly. You can also get the engine oil changed in front of you to get the best outcomes. Ensure that you choose professional car service in Maidstone to get the best quality engine oil and transmission oil. You should observe the colour of your engine before and after to make sure that they have changed the engine oil.

3) Odometer Reading

Normally, the car mechanic in Maidstone will go for a ride of around 2-3 kilometre to ensure that the vehicle is working proficiently. In case of engine overhauling, they might go for a long drive. Ensure that you check the reading, and this will reveal if the car is misused or not.

So, make sure that you keep this checklist in your mind to get the best outcomes and witness the perfect riding experience.

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