Reasons why you should consider LPG conversion for your car.

Reasons why you should consider LPG conversion for your car.
Reasons why you should consider LPG conversion for your car.

LPG conversions and LPG conversion kits are very popular worldwide and many people are changing their cars over to LPG gas operated as it has many benefits and works well with many vehicles.

At Western Auto, we offer LPG conversion kits for cars and our LPG services have proven to be extremely beneficial to our many customers and their vehicles for a variety of reasons.

The main reasons why you should consider LPG conversion for your car, are as follows:

Reduce running costs

It has been shown that by electing an LPG conversion for you car will save 50 to 65 cents per litre of petrol.

This means that during the whole lifetime of your car, you will see significant savings on fuel as the years progress with your car being converted to LPG.

For example, with LPG conversion your savings could be sitting around $1500 per year!

Less petrol, more saving!

By opting to have an LPG conversion installed, your car is considered to have two fuel tanks in operation, meaning that you can drive for longer periods of time without having to fill up in between.

LPG conversions enable your vehicle to work between petrol and gas and last for a longer period of time to ensure that you are beating the petrol price cycle.

Reduced costs for longer periods of time

Petrol and diesel deposits in your car can reduce its efficiency over time and therefore services can become regular and quite costly.

With LPG conversion, engine oil and your spark plugs do not need to be changed as regularly and therefore the amount of services your car needs can be dispersed evenly and far apart.

Meaning that you will save time on booking your car in for services as well as saving significantly on the costs of car services.

Environmentally friendly

There’s nothing better than knowing that your vehicle can be more environmentally friendly and less toxic.

LPG conversions guarantee an extremely energy efficient and environmentally friendly option for your car.

LPG conversion ensures: clean air, less pollution, less gas emissions, less CO2 and more.

In addition, LPG conversion  guarantees a 15% reduction in CO2 emissions in comparison to having your car just run on petrol.

Easy to work with dual systems

By adding in an LPG conversion allows you to swap between your dual system at any time all with the flick of a switch.

This makes it so much easier for you to select whatever dual system will work for you depending on your travel time, kilometres travelled or any part of the price cycle.

Autogas is readily available

There are over 3,000 Autogas stations/outlets across Australia therefore you can fill up quite conveniently whenever you need.

At Western Auto, we are trained professionals in LPG conversion for all vehicles and are an approved and authorised service centre for this job.

Call us today to learn more about our LPG conversion kits for cars and prices on: (03) 9314 6522 today!

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