LPG Conversions

Just about a couples of decades back, petrol prices were stable and the damaging effects to the environment by petrol driven cars throwing up noxious fumes was not taken seriously. Today the price of petrol has gone through the roof and the effect of pollution and global warming is a reality. This twin effect has made car owners seriously consider the use of LPG as a viable option to fossil fuel and LPG Conversion in Melbourne is slowly becoming a necessity.

Western Auto Services is an authorised service centre for LPG conversion in Melbourne. We have a state of the art workshop with the latest diagnostic tools and equipment to optimise any repairs, maintenance or service issues. Further, our technicians are especially trained to address any concerns of LPG driven cars whatever be the make or model of the LPG kit. We are an AAFRB approved installer and can provide expert and valuable guidance on the type of kit that will best suit your car.


LPG auto Conversion center


There are many types of conversion kits and the cost depends on what will optimise the performance of your car. But on an average, if your car is driven for about 20,000km per annum, the savings on running an LPG fuelled car as against a petrol driven one more than makes up the initial investment in a couple of years. After that it is profitable for every km that you drive your vehicle. Apart from this financial benefit, all vehicles in which we install kits for LPG conversion in Melbourne meet Euro III / IV emission norms and hence contribute to a cleaner and eco-friendly planet.


Our technicians have the professional expertise to install and calibrate conversion kits within 2 days at the most even though a kit is a complex web of high precision parts. The main components are injection rail, high pressure solenoid valve, ECU controller, reducer, pressure gauge, CNG filter, and micro switch. All these have to be fixed accurately and with great care. We have the necessary infrastructure for LPG conversion, both in terms of technologically advanced equipment and man power. This is the main reason why Western Auto Services is recognised by the statutory bodies as an authorised service centre for LPG conversion in Melbourne.

The most obvious change that you will notice in your vehicle after conversion is the LPG tank which will be kept at the rear end of the vehicle or the well meant for the spare wheel. It is mounted with the filler point near the petrol inlet for convenient topping up. A switch on the dashboard facilitates seamless change between petrol and LPG.

Call Western Auto Services now for LPG conversion in Melbourne. Remember, we are an approved and authorised service centre for this job.

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