Panel Beater or Insurance Company: Who Should You Call After An Accident?

Panel Beater or Insurance Company: Who Should You Call After An Accident?
Panel Beater or Insurance Company: Who Should You Call After An Accident?

The aftermath of a car accident can be very stressful. Besides the emotional trauma, there is concern over the cost of repairs and impact on your lifestyle. That’s why most people turn to their insurance company first and let them take care of everything.

However, dealing with the insurance company does not always guarantee the best outcome. Here’s why you should think twice before you call your insurance provider to arrange a crash repair.

Drawbacks of Car Insurance Repairs

Every car insurance policy has their own level of coverage, premiums and other customer benefits. But one feature that is often overlooked is choosing your own crash repairer. This is something that catches a lot of people off-guard when they submit an insurance claim.

There are many downsides to having the insurance company arrange a crash repair for you.

Most often the insurance provider and repairer will have a fixed agreement. This agreement dictates the amount of time, money and labour the repairer can spend on each job. If the repairer is stretched thin, they may not have enough time to provide a high level of workmanship and quality.

Another issue is the use of non-genuine parts to cut costs. Not all unofficial parts are bad, but the higher failure rate could mean more trips to the shop in the long-run. Also, if the repairer does not offer a complimentary replacement car, you could be left without a vehicle for up to a week or longer.

Finally, the administrative work can delay the repair process. First the insurance company has to arrange the inspection. Then the repairer needs to assess the vehicle, give the insurance company a quote and hope the job gets approved. This can take several days before any work begins on the car – leaving you off the road for longer.

Talk to a Panel Beater First

By talking to a reputable panel beater first, you can ensure the process will go smoothly and the results will exceed expectations. Not only do you have freedom of choice, but the chance to compare quotes and choose a repairer in a convenient location.

A panel beater will take the time to carefully assess your car. Plus they will use the best genuine parts and provide the highest level of care to get you back on the road safely. They will also manage your insurance claim right from the start and take care of the paperwork to save you stress.

If you choose the right panel beater, they can lend you a complimentary replacement car – keeping your lifestyle intact. Lastly, if you approach a panel beater first they will stay as your first point of contact. This way you don’t have to go through multiple departments to get the answers you need.

Choose the Right Insurance Policy

To avoid unnecessary stress go with an insurance policy that lets you choose your own crash repairer. Keep in mind, not all insurance companies are lenient with this option. Even those that let you choose your own repairer may have a strict criteria. So if your ideal repairer does not meet the criteria – the insurer will choose someone else for you.

Be wary of insurance companies who try to win your business with low premiums. Often these low premiums come at a cost. The insurer may cut corners, by having an agreement with a repairer who has little time and resources to provide a quality service.

Research the insurance market with care. Keep searching until you find an insurer that gives you the freedom to choose when it matters most. And always choose a reputable panel beater who has experience dealing with Australia’s most trusted insurance providers. This way, you will have peace of mind knowing your car is looked after and the process will be smooth-sailing from start to end.

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