How to best look after your car: The best tips and tricks on servicing and maintenance!

How to best look after your car: The best tips and tricks on servicing and maintenance!
How to best look after your car: The best tips and tricks on servicing and maintenance!

Here at Western Auto we are passionate about car servicing and working to provide our customers with high quality service. We also love giving our clients the opportunity to expand their knowledge of cars and car servicing before they even come to us!

Looking after your car when it isn’t receiving a service or due for one is very important as it will increase the life and durability of your car naturally with the right care and procedure from you.

At Western Auto, we offer a variety of packages for car servicing, from a minor to major servicing we have got you and your car covered.

Our services range from between $110-$220 depending on what type of servicing your car needs. Our services include oil changes, battery checks, fluid and water top-ups, vehicle inspections, spark plug replacements, air filter replacements and more.

With us, your car is well looked after, but we also like to provide our customers with handy tips to follow before we service their car to ensure that when it isn’t being worked on in-store, it is being looked after at home to prevent any long-term issues that could potentially impact your car significantly!

Taking care of your care on your own increases its durability and saves you both the time and money of travelling to and from a service company and spending lots of money on repairs you can potentially avoid with a little at home care!

Here are some of our best tips on how to service and maintenance you care to ensure that it is well looked after and less prone to any severe issues:

  • Read your cars manual – Learn more about your car by reading about your car model, its petrol and oil change needs as well as things like how often your care may need to be serviced per year. Doing this will increase the knowledge you have about your car making it easier to manage.
  • Stay tuned to your dashboard: Have you ever had messages flash up on your dashboard with things like: Service alerts, coolant level alerts, petrol alerts and tyre alerts? Stay focussed on whatever messages appear on your dashboard and if something looks dangerous or concerning, contact us straight away on 1800 817 967. Staying in regular check with any dashboard messages increases early detection for any potential issues saving you time and the potential for long-term issues to arise if not managed instantly.
  • Check the cambelt: Read your manual and see when your car should be due for a cambelt repair or change as if you do not assess this early it could potentially cause you serious engine damage that may not be repairable.
  • Tyres: Always keep on top of your tyres and required tyre pressure. Not taking care of your tyres, both on-road and off-road will make them loose traction and cause crashes and serious accidents in bad weather or they could blow out instantly. Keeping them in regular check will prevent any serious issues from occurring.
  • Never skip a service: Always pre-book any service when your car flashes with a service warning and make sure you always stick to every service appointment to ensure your car is up-to-date with any replacements and inspections it may need.

We at Western Auto are passionate about delivering high quality service to all of our clients and also encouraging better at home car care to prevent dangerous and long-term damaging issues to any car. At Western Auto we are here to help!

If you have any concerns or would like to know more about the car services we offer to all of our valued clients please contact us on 1800 817 967.

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