How To Address Common Car Air Conditioning Problems Like a Pro?

How To Address Common Car Air Conditioning Problems Like a Pro?
How To Address Common Car Air Conditioning Problems Like a Pro?

Winter chills are almost gone and it’s time to embrace the sun-basking season! We all know what that means! Summer means fine-tuning air conditioners around you and that’s what we are going to talk about today- your car’s air conditioning system!

Ask any Car service in Maidstone how important regular inspection and checkup of air conditioning is and they’ll tell you how most car owner’s make one major rookie mistake!

If we’re talking car air conditioning Regas in Maidstone, car experts reveal that almost 75% of car owners will leave their air conditioning as it is for the winter months resulting in hefty inspection and repairing costs during the summers. In fact, car air conditioners tend to lose their power due to prolonged periods of non-usage.

So, how do we stop your car’s air conditioner from incurring heavy maintenance bills?

By watching out for these 5 warning signs (even during the chilly seasons)

  1. A ‘moist feeling’ inside the car– If you feel a moist ambience inside your car, it’s mainly because moisture or debris is trapped inside your cooling system.
  2. A ‘weird noise’ coming from the compressor- While the weird noise could be your dying compressor, there’s also a slight chance that the noise your car is emitting is coming from cross-contaminated refrigerants.
  3. A ‘foul smell’ inside the car- If you’re in the habit of driving around with your window closed, you may have noticed a foul or musty smell building up in your car, especially when you switch your AC on.
  4. A leaky AC system- Did you notice drips and drops coming out of your AC? Cooling refrigerants dripping inside your car is dangerous since these chemicals not only affect your health but your air conditioner’s working efficiency too!
  5. An air conditioner that doesn’t cool like it used to- Needless to say, your car’s air conditioner couldn’t have given you a clearer signal!

How to address these issues?

You can either procrastinate these warning signs and struggle with your air conditioning bills or you can simply bring your car over to professional car experts and let an auto repair mechanic fine-tune your car’s air conditioner!

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