How Often Should You Opt for Car Servicing in Melbourne?

How Often Should You Opt for Car Servicing in Melbourne?
How Often Should You Opt for Car Servicing in Melbourne?

Your car is nothing less than a precious investment that keeps giving in the long run. However, inadequate maintenance or ignoring the imminent damage signs can take a toll on your car’s operational years. This is one of the primary reasons why cars often showcase degrading efficiency in the long run. Because car owners are mostly waiting for D-Day when vehicle problems start obstructing their everyday schedules. However, at our neighbourhood car servicing in Melbourne, we have a saying- “why splurge on your car maintenance, when you can nip the problem at the grassroots level?”

Here’s What Our Workshop for Car Service in Tottenham Has To Say?

We asked our car experts- why vehicle efficiency keeps declining even though the car shows no physical signs or problems?

-Our auto repair maestros said, it is primarily because the damage within keeps building up, resulting in reduced operations and eventually, your prized vehicle starts showing signs of wear and tear.

-So how do we make our vehicles last longer without losing their efficiency? Through periodical maintenance and tune-ups, even if the car shows no physical signs of damage.

How Often Should You Take Your Car For Maintenance Visits?

Every car is built differently. Every car owner uses their vehicles differently.

While some cars frequently take short trips, others may have to be on the road for long. The difference in usage or the way you keep or care for your car will impact your car’s life a lot. For instance, cars that often take short trips would need frequent oil changes. This is because inadequate use of the engine may often result in more carbon deposits than necessary. On the other hand, if your car is pulling long hours, everything from the engine to the exhaust needs to be tuned-up regularly to avoid premature wear and tear of parts and accessories.

This is why, when you ask an expert how often should your car be taken for maintenance, they’ll have a straightforward answer- 6 months!

Do note, the maintenance needs and requirements will significantly vary from one car to another- based on the car make, built, and most importantly- usage and care!

We Care For Your Car Like No Other

At Western Auto, we have created a car haven for owners who like to keep their vehicle in pristine condition. Our auto repairers are waiting for you on standby so that you can drop in any time and get your car the much-needed maintenance/tune-up it deserves.

Want to know more about the services our workshop for car servicing in Melbourne offers? Just visit our online website and connect with one of our executives to get the job done right the first time!

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