Get the Prime Standard of Car Servicing in Maribyrnong

Get the Prime Standard of Car Servicing in Maribyrnong
Get the Prime Standard of Car Servicing in Maribyrnong

These days, we don’t think about our car air conditioner unless it’s hot outside or if it’s broken. However, there was a time when this now common feature was only an option on more expensive luxury vehicles. It’s inconceivable today to imagine a modern automobile that doesn’t have an air conditioner as part of a complex climate control system or as a specific standalone component.

It’s no surprise that many car owners take their air conditioners for granted, often waiting until it’s too late to call a professional Car Service Maribyrnong for AC repairs. Getting your car air conditioning regas and keeping it well-maintained isn’t just about keeping you comfortable amidst the heat. It can be vital for your safety as well.

How does a car air conditioner work?

There are numerous makes and models on the market, but they all function on the same principle. To put it another way, any car air conditioning service in Bentley or any other location in Australia would accomplish essentially the same things as a standard aircon car service Maribyrnong.

The latent heat of vaporisation principle underpins all car air conditioners (as well as refrigerators and home air conditioners). They all employ chemicals readily convertible from a gas to a liquid and vice versa. Refrigerants are the most prevalent refrigerant used in automobile air conditioners. These gases are circulated within a closed system that cleverly transfers the heat inside the cabin and takes it outside. Fresh air is used to cool the back of the cabin and maintain temperatures consistent. Fresh air is drawn through vents outside the vehicle and expelled via them, reducing heat build-up inside. The fresh air that this combustion process has warmed goes on to aid cooling throughout your car’s interior.

A compressor pressurises the refrigerant and forces it into a condenser, raising its temperature and forcing it into a liquid. The condenser is a container that holds the liquid and allows heat to dissipate from it. The chemical is cooled quickly due to this heat dissipation, turning it back into a gas.

It then heads to an evaporator, which cools your cabin by removing heat from the water through a tiny opening. It loses temperature when it goes through this hole, causing it to transform into a gas. The gas is fed into the system via a hose connected to your car’s exhaust pipe and runs through the cooler before being cooled. The evaporator has fans to assist in the process and distribute cooled air throughout your automobile. The hot gas from the evaporator goes back to the compressor to repeat its journey.

While the idea is appealing, several possible issues exist, particularly in an older automobile. Each type has varying degrees of complexity. Some are more prone to leak and get dirty than others, which can reduce the effectiveness of your vehicle’s air conditioner or render it useless, leading to a Car Air Conditioning Regas. This makes it essential to have a qualified agency that provides air conditioning car service Maribyrnong to check your car’s air conditioning and climate control systems at regular periods or the first sign of trouble.

How to Know if Your AC Needs Servicing?

If you have seen any of the following, it’s time to get your air conditioner looked at by a reputed company providing car service Maribyrnong:

  1. If it’s not getting as cold as it used to.
  2. Seems to be a reduction in airflow.
  3. If there are any unusual or unpleasant smells coming out of the vents.
  4. It sounds like unfamiliar noises are blaring out of the vents when the AC is switched on.

Why Service Your Car Air Conditioning System?

A car’s air conditioning system is made up of a complicated number of components, and like any modern technology, it requires regular maintenance and attention to function properly. If your car’s air conditioning compressor seized due to lack of oil, the cabin filter got clogged with dust, germs, and moisture, possibly causing the entire system to fail. 

The car’s air conditioning system includes numerous rubber o-rings and valves that deteriorate with time, allowing gas to leak, thus getting your car air conditioning regas. Regular maintenance and servicing of your automobile’s air conditioning system may help identify minor problems before they become significant. Some of the other specific reasons why the air conditioning system should be serviced are:

  • If your air conditioning system is maintained correctly, it lowers the amount of gas used in your car while keeping you cool. Maintaining your automobile’s fuel efficiency is, therefore, a financial option.
  • Standard services include an inspection of the car’s AC gas pressure. When the gas pressure drops, this results in a loss of cooling efficiency. In turn, the car’s engine has to work harder, which causes higher fuel consumption.
  • A car air conditioning regas is likely required for vehicles over two years old.
  • It’s vital to have the air conditioning system serviced at least once each year. It reduces the likelihood of problems developing.
  • The water in a windscreen has the potential to fog up, making driving more dangerous and unpleasant. The air conditioning system of your car includes dehumidifying abilities to prevent misting on the windscreen, providing a safer and more pleasant drive.

How Often Should the Car Air Conditioning System be Serviced?

Every two years, it’s critical to have your automobile air conditioning system serviced to avoid costly faults. Gas will seep out of your car’s system over time, causing your AC not to cool as effectively as it used to and possibly even shutting down.


Having your car’s air conditioning system regularly serviced is essential to maintain its efficiency and avoid costly repairs. Several Car Service Maribyrnong have the expertise to help you keep your car cool and comfortable all summer long and hassle-free.

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