Eco Tips for Motorists

Eco Tips for Motorists
Eco Tips for Motorists

Australians are some of the biggest drivers on earth. Due to the expansive nature of our landscape, getting from A to B usually requires jumping in the car. Driving is an integral part of the Australian experience. As the reality of the impact of carbon emissions continue to come to light, finding an eco-friendly alternative is becoming not just imperative for our planet but also for our wallets. The toxicity of petroleum has been proven to be a contribution to air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

As motorists become more aware of the impact of their daily commute, so has the demand for eco-friendly approaches. You shouldn’t have to choose between being environmentally conscious and having the convenience of a car and with our easy eco-tips, you don’t have to. Western Auto is committed to providing the highest industry-standard care for vehicles whilst also delivering the latest eco-friendly solutions. We provide all-inclusive service and maintenance of any type of vehicle.

Regularly Check Your Tyre Pressure

Tire Pressure

When was the last time you thought about your type pressure? If your tyres are under-inflated your car’s engine will have to overcompensate making them work much harder than they have to. This will cause you to use a lot more fuel than necessary and increases rolling resistance. Any eco measures must put fuel consumption at the forefront as this is the biggest carbon emitter. The ideal amount of tyre pressure will vary depending on the make of your vehicle. If you’re unsure about the optimum tyre pressure for your car or want them increased by a professional, contact us.

Minimise Accelerating & Braking

Accelerating & Braking

Smoothing out your driving style will minimise accelerating and braking which in turn reduces fuel consumption. Braking progressively instead of halting abruptly is a great way to start. Making a conscious effort to be aware of the road and planning ahead so you’re able to slow down 12-15 seconds before approaching a turn, stop or roundabout.

Similarly, hard accelerating increases fuel consumption significantly. For an eco-friendly drive, it’s best to slowly and incrementally grow your speed instead of slamming your foot on the accelerator. This is good for the health and longevity of your vehicle as well as being good for the earth.

Have Your Air Conditioner Serviced

Car air conditioning

We know all the discomfort and dread that comes with driving without a properly functioning air conditioner. Air conditioning is a necessary feature of any vehicle, especially throughout the scorching Melbourne summer months. Neglecting to service your air conditioner is not only detrimental to the functionality of your vehicle but is also costly to your petrol bills.

The air conditioner in a car increases fuel use by up to 10%, when an air conditioner is not functioning properly this number rises significantly. Here at Western Auto, we understand how crucial an efficient air conditioner is to your comfort and fuel costs. We complete a thorough check of your air conditioner which includes an inspection of the gas pressure. A regular air conditioner check-up will decrease the chances of your car developing faults in the long-run and will greatly improve your level of fuel output.

Get Your Vehicle Serviced Regularly

Car Service

It’s no secret that a serviced car is an economical one. Regular car servicing will not only ensure safety and reliability but a well-tuned engine has been proven to use less fuel to run. This is great for the environment and will also reduce your petrol bill. Car services can identify mechanical issues that may have been lying dormant for quite some time. Mechanical and exhaust problems can exacerbate emissions and waste fuel.

Keeping your car in optimum condition is ultimately the best eco tip. A well-maintained car and engine will offset fewer emissions than a run-down one. With carbon emissions on the rise, it’s important for all motorists to assess their impact. Petrol is a big polluter in our environment but there are some easy and efficient ways to decrease our petrol usage and subsequently carbon emissions. Here at Western Auto, we are mechanical experts who can make your daily commute more affordable and better for the environment. Contact us today.

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