Does your Car Need A Basic Tune-up or A Proper Car Log Book Service?

Does your Car Need A Basic Tune-up or A Proper Car Log Book Service?
Does your Car Need A Basic Tune-up or A Proper Car Log Book Service?

So you take your car to the auto repair shop periodically hoping your routine car servicing will make your vehicle last longer. But have you ever considered going in for a ‘deep tune-up’, something that goes deeper into the problems rather than just adjusting the few on the top! If you’re unsure what a Car Log Book Service really is, let us first start with what it is and how it can help!

Car Log Book Service- The Elementary Benefits

Logbook servicing can be defined as a detailed approach to car maintenance, where the service scope goes beyond simple inspection and quick fixes. We are not just talking about vehicles that run smoothly but also about the internal working mechanisms and whether it is functional or not. In this servicing type, you can expect the best auto repairman on the job carrying out specific requirements at specified intervals- all focused towards helping your vehicle perform better.

What’s the difference between basic servicing and logbook servicing?

Now, let us answer the question you have been waiting for. What’s the primary difference between a basic tune-up job and a full-fledged logbook servicing job.

Basic Tune-up

When we say ‘basic’, we mean a general service job that includes typical stuff like oil filter changes and engine oil changes etc. The auto repairs might also take a peek under the bonnet of the car and take a look at the fluids, brakes, tyres, and other preliminary stuff too.

Log Book Services

Now when it comes to logbook services, consider this a ‘deep-cleaning’ for your car. This includes everything from coolants to brake fluids, air filters, car air conditioning regas, and more. In simple terms, log book services can be defined as ‘better servicing’! The best part is, you can log all the servicings in a logbook, which means service quality will be nothing less than top-notch!

Now, we come to the last question- will your car need a basic tune-up or should you go for logbook services? Let us help you figure that out together. Visit our official website and give us a call today to know more about the servicing scope of your vehicle.

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