Car Maintenance Tips for The Chilly Season

Car Maintenance Tips for The Chilly Season
Car Maintenance Tips for The Chilly Season

Winter is coming! It might not be as dangerous for us as it is for your car, but nevertheless, winter comes with it’s own set of challenges and limitations. Now some of these challenges may end up impacting your car and your wallet at the same time! Hence, it is important to tackle with this season in an effective manner.

We know how important your car is to you. Therefore, we came up with some ultimate tips to make your automobile go a long way. Get your car ready for winters with the following car maintenance tip:

  • Get your car snow tyers

In comparison to other tyers snow tyer’s is made of soft rubber which allows retaining flexibility. The snow tyers have tread patterns which allow exceptional grip in the snow and ice.

  • Keep your car’s battery in check

Before driving your car always make sure that your car‘s battery is fully charged. During winters, there is more possibility of your battery to be dead anytime, anywhere. You can easily identify a damaged battery by some common signs like non-functioning of cabin light, light flickering, etc.

  • Check the windshields

During winter’s fog, smoke and mist gather over the windshield which hampers the visibility. At this time windshields are the savior. Therefore, it is important that your wipers are working properly. Make sure to fill the windshields with wiper fluid which has de-icing capabilities.

  • Always keep an emergency kit

It is generally dark and foggy outside during the cold which makes driving in this season a bit dangerous.  Anytime your car may face any minor or major issue. Thus, it is important to have an emergency kit ready to get out of such unwanted situations. Make sure to keep a torch in your kit.

  • Use antifreeze liquid

The green colored liquid that we use to keep the engine cool in summers also work as antifreeze liquid in winters and ensure that the engine don’t get jam or freeze up.

Now these are just precautions and remedies that we can take to prevent your car from acting up this chilly season. But if you’re already facing these issues and is on the look-out for a professional range car service in Brooklyn, we have just the right place for you in mind!  Bring your car over to Western Auto service for the most trustworthy and proficient car services. After all, we are the #1 trusted Mechanic in Sunshine, Victoria!

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