Car Air Conditioning Regas and It’s Effect on Optimised Performance

Car Air Conditioning Regas and It’s Effect on Optimised Performance
Car Air Conditioning Regas and It’s Effect on Optimised Performance

Keeping your car air conditioning system serviced and well maintained is not only about keeping your cool, it is also about having your car running at peak performance levels with an improved fuel efficiency. The rule of thumb is to take your car exclusively for car air conditioning regas once every two years at least and not club it with general service and maintenance schedule.

It is always advisable to go for a service centre that has the latest diagnostic and repair tools and well trained technicians to carry out car air conditioning regas. First the gas pressure is tested to see if there is a drop as it signifies lower cooling levels. If it is found to be so, the old refrigerant gas, oil and dye is completely removed. After the system has been carefully cleaned and dried out, the gas and liquid is topped up again and the pressure checked after some time. A drop is a sign of a leak that has to be plugged and fixed. Finally, the technicians verify whether the temperature inside the vehicle is becoming as cold as it should be.

It is also possible to carry out a regas at home with a car air conditioning regas kit. Such kits are now available and regas here costs less than that in a garage. However, a word of caution for all DIY experts – these kits are not standardised for all cars and attachments like extended hoses may be required to regas some make and models of vehicles. Further, it will not be a job at par with the service centres as car owners will not have the expertise of trained technicians or the specialised tools for carrying out a thorough job.

Western Auto Services based in Tottenham Victoria is an accredited garage with trained technicians and the latest state of the art tools for car servicing and repairs. We are authorised to issue road worthy certificates as well as to check LPG fitted cars and issue the mandatory 10 year validity LPG tank tested certificates. We offer guaranteed results for car air conditioning regas and in the rare eventuality our work does not increase cooling levels, we’ll not charge our customers for the service.

You can also submit an online form giving details of any problems with your vehicle and we’ll get back to you with a free no-obligations quote.

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