3 Reasons to Not Get a Fake Roadworthy Certificate

3 Reasons to Not Get a Fake Roadworthy Certificate
3 Reasons to Not Get a Fake Roadworthy Certificate

It is a vital requirement that you have a roadworthy certificate in Melbourne before you can buy or sell a vehicle. The vehicle must pass the safety inspection made by the authorities.

In Victoria, the law requires that a vehicle have a roadworthy certificate first before it is put on sale—if it was registered for the road, and the new owner also plans to do so. The onus will always be on the seller although VicRoads doesn’t specify who should be the one arranging the safety certification.

Some may find it a very stressful and time-consuming process, often leading to some shady decisions. Being tempted to bypass the authorities often comes to mind as one may find it faster and more convenient. And even though the buyer may agree to such illegal practices, it doesn’t make the action any more legally acceptable.

Another option would be falsifying a safety certificate, or getting one from unathorised agencies. Continue reading to learn why getting a fake roadworthy certificate is a bad idea.

Road Accident Risk Due to Unsafe Vehicles

Aside from putting the driver’s life at risk, you are putting the general public in danger too. Undergoing safety inspection checks a lot of components like steering and suspension, brakes, and tyres—to name a few. It may not be the same as a full mechanic inspection, but it can put you and your buyer’s mind at ease.

Possible Legal Problems

You need to acquire a legitimate roadworthy certificate Melbourne inspectors provide to avoid complications down the road. Let’s say you were able to sell a car and, probably, the buyer was not fully aware of the rules and regulations; the new owner cannot take the blame of not having a safety certificate. Instead, it will be on you as the seller.

What if the new owner gets involved in an accident? After a thorough investigation, the cause was seatbelt failure. Had it been checked properly, the driver would’ve avoided some serious injuries. 

An authorized roadworthy inspection would’ve flagged this risk beforehand. While we can’t predict how the trial would turn out, you can still get invovled in the case and share most of the blame for providing a fake roadworthy certificate. You can prevent this from happening if you obtain the certificate legally in the first place.

Potential Fines and Penalties 

According to the rules implemented by VicRoads, you are not required to get a certificate of roadworthiness if you sell your vehicle unregistered. But then again, why risk it? Getting one could also be a plus factor for buyers. Risking safety just for a sale is definitely not worth it. If you risked it and something happened, you’ll end up paying more than the cost of getting that clearance. 

Take note that you will still be liable if you allow the buyer to obtain an RWC—that’s for any driving infringements or parking fines that might occur while the car is still registered under your name.

Get your Budget-Friendly Roadworthy Certificate Today

The cost of getting a Victorian RWC is no longer set at a certain amount. Many years ago, the industry was deregulated to allow individual testers to charge whatever fee is applicable. Factors to consider would be the type, age and condition of the car to be tested.

The typical fee for this service will be between $150 to $200 for a car with no issues. Vehicles with defects will definitely cost more. Hence, shopping around for the best deal is a good idea. You can start online with a search term like, “rwc near me” to get a list of testers for your research.

Above all else, you may check out Western Auto Services for the best roadworthy certificate inspection. We are dedicated to ensuring your safety on the road by conducting a thorough safety check on your vehicle. We also offer a full mechanic inspection in addition to roadworthiness checks.

Let us make sure you’re compliant with the safety certification laws. Contact us for a free estimation quote. We are here to get the ball rolling and allow you to have a smooth transaction with car buyers or sellers.

Final Thoughts

Getting a dodgy roadworthy certificate is not worth the initial “savings” and “convenience”. You have the responsibility to inform your buyers about any issues and have these fixed before handing the vehicle over to them. Acquiring a certificate can help you show potential buyers that buying your car is a good deal.

As for the buyer, you might be tempted to take the risk of buying without the safety certification. It’s a possibility if you are a mechanic or know someone who can look at it. Nevertheless, it’s not a good idea unless you’re buying it for restoration purposes.

A seller must always secure a roadworthy certificate. Best of luck selling a car without it. For buyers? You should insist the seller to get the clearance before they even attempt to sell their car to you.

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