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Western Auto based in Melbourne is an authorized car service known for our quality services.

Our valued customers have bestowed on us the reputation as one of the trusted experts in the car service industry across Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. We have years of experience and the expertise to handle every aspect of your car.

Locations we serve - Ottenham, Brooklyn, Maribyrnong, West Footscray, Yarraville, Braybrook, Sunshine West, Sunshine and Maidstone.

Our Services

Car Air-conditioning

The air-conditioning system is not just to keep you cool but also serves in maintaining the peak performance level of your vehicle and enhanced fuel efficiency. The rule of thumb says that your car air-conditioning should be checked thoroughly once a year. Unfortunately, this is not usually part of the routine maintenance schedule and might need to be serviced at a different occasion. You may be tempted to use the DIY regas kits for car air-conditioning and while this may save you a few dollars, you should also know that all regas kits are not made for all A/C units. Therefore, unless you are an expert, you are better off entrusting car air-conditioning to one of our experts.

Radiator Leaks / Repairs

A radiator leak is a common problem that may occur if you do not routinely check your car’s coolant levels. Most of the modern-day cars are fitted with a visible indicator showing the maximum and minimum level of coolants on their dashboard. The coolant should ideally stay between the maximum and minimum level for optimal performance. If you notice the coolant level dropping rapidly, that is potentially a sign of radiator leak. Another scenario is frequent overheating of the engine which can be noticed on the temperature gauge. Similarly, puddles below the engine can also indicate radiator leak. The best way to fix radiator leaks is by bringing your car into see one of our mechanics at our Tottenham garage. If this is a challenge for some reason, call us and we will send one of our experts along to take the vehicle safely to our garage.

Head Gasket Leak Repair / Replacement

One of the most crippling problems that your car can face is a head gasket failure or leak. The head gasket has an important role in maintaining the health of your car’s engine. Repairing head gasket leaks need not be expensive in all situations. For minor problems, we can fix the issue with chemical products that will seal the link without removing the engine. These temporary fixes may also be applied by any driver with no knowledge of the mechanical aspects of his/her vehicle. Simply call us and explain your problem and chances are that your vehicle will be cruising safely in a matter of a few minutes.

Car Roadworthy

Roadworthy certificates are essential when you are driving or planning to sell your car. Licensed testers carry out a series of checks to ensure that your vehicle is safe on Victorian roads. Western Auto are an authorized garage to carry out the necessary stipulated checks. Call us when seeking a Roadworthy certificate because we can make sure your is in the best condition possible.

Mechanical Repairs

You may not be confronted with mechanical repairs for your car every other day. But, when it does stares on your face, you want the issue to be fixed by competent mechanics. Mechanical failures are best addressed within hours after you have encountered the problem, so it is best to come and see us as soon as the issue arises. Driving your car with a problem for long distances can potentially aggravate the problem and lead to a more complex situation involving several hundred dollars in costs. By bringing your car in as soon as you notice the issue you can save some valuable cash and also ensure your safety and the safety of your dear ones.

Payment Plan

0% Interest Free* Finance is available through Lombard Finance. You can spread your cost of the vehicle repair in 6, 9 or 12 months interest Free and is available on all kind of repairs and maintenance including Roadworthy certificate and inspection and repair, servicing, LPG gas conversion service and repair air con Repair and maintenance and Tyre.

Interest Free Term Minimum Finance Amount
6 or 9 Months $300
12 Months $400

We look forward to servicing all your automotive needs!

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