Car Air Conditioning Service – An Integral Part of Routine Maintenance

Car Air Conditioning Service – An Integral Part of Routine Maintenance

A car air conditioning system should always be working at peak performance levels. A mal functioning unit puts added pressure on the engine resulting in increased fuel consumption. Like routine check-up and maintenance, car air conditioning service should compulsorily be scheduled once every year from a reputed and accredited service station. The main thing that is checked is the refrigerant level which needs to be topped up periodically. The air circulation system is also cleaned to ensure smooth flow of air and to get rid of foul odours given off by harmful bacteria that breeds in the vents. Apart from this, all components will be checked to make sure that the whole unit is functioning optimally.

Car air conditioning regas is another important aspect of car air conditioner maintenance and has to be carried out once every 2 years or 10,000km whichever is earlier. In this process, the gas pressure is first checked and if it is found to be low, a regas is called for. This is because correct pressure only can ensure high cooling efficiencies. In the hands of trained technicians, the regas process is not at all complicated. The old refrigerant gas, oil and dye is removed, the unit thoroughly cleaned out and dried, new oil, dye and refrigerant is filled in and the unit is left to run for some time. The cooling level and temperature is then checked to verify whether the regas has made a difference to cooling levels.

Western Auto Services is an authorised and accredited service station for car air conditioning service and regas. Our highly trained and experienced technicians use state of the art tools and diagnostic equipment to find any fault accurately and carry out servicing and repairs. We are authorised to issue roadworthy certificates as well as take up LPG conversions. We have the professional expertise to install conversion kits in any car regardless of the make and model. Our charges too are very affordable and competitive.

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Professional Services for Air Conditioning Regas in Footscray

One of the primary components in a car that has a direct impact on fuel efficiency is the air conditioner. Apart from making life uncomfortable while on a drive, a mal functioning or below par system puts additional pressure on the engine for maintaining a set temperature. This again results in lower fuel efficiency and increased running cost for your vehicle. To get out of this vicious circle, it is always advisable to have it periodically serviced and checked. However, only a reputed and approved service station should be entrusted with the task of air conditioning regas in Footscray so that the system always works at peak performance levels.

As any trained and skilled car air conditioning mechanic in Footscray will tell you, regas should be carried out once every two years. This exclusive servicing should not be associated with other general checkup or repairs. Nevertheless, the focus of any car owner should be to have this task carried out at authorized garages that has the latest tools and equipment as well as experienced technicians to carry out air conditioning regas in Footscray.

The whole process is complex and intricate in nature. The existing oil, dye and refrigerant are drained out and the components dried out. New gas and liquids are topped up and the gas pressure is checked after a while. A drop at this point indicates a leak which has to be fixed. Finally, the car air conditioning mechanic in Footscray will inspect whether the interior of the vehicle is reaching the desired cooling levels.

Western Auto Services is authorized and reputed service centre for air conditioning regas in Footscray. Even though we are based in Tottenham, Victoria, we serve the residents of Footscray too. Our team of trained mechanics has the necessary professional expertise to carry out regas with precision using the latest and most sophisticated tools and equipment. We are also authorized to undertake repairs and servicing of LPG kit fitted cars and give the mandatory 10 year valid LPG tank testing certificates.
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Authorised Car Air Conditioning Service in Braybrook

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A car air conditioning system that is not operating at peak effectiveness lowers the performance of the vehicle. For one, it puts extra pressure on the engine to maintain certain levels of cooling – much more than what would be needed to run a well serviced car air conditioner. The result is poor fuel efficiency and higher running costs. This is why it is so important to have the car air conditioner serviced and checked periodically. However, it is always advisable to contact an authorized and certified service centre for car air conditioning service Braybrook.

The advantages offered by an accredited garage are many. They have the latest diagnostic tools that can accurately pin-point the any problem, an aspect that is very crucial if quality repairs and servicing have to be carried out. All the technicians are also highly trained and skilled in any job related to car air conditioning servicing and can quickly and efficiently complete the task. When it’s a matter of your car always put it in the best hands.

The main issue generally related to a car air conditioner is a drop in gas pressure that necessitates fresh charging of gas. The process involves removing old refrigerant, oil and dye, cleaning and drying out the components and topping up the gas and liquid. If there is a drop in pressure again, it is a sign of leakage which is then detected and sealed. Finally, car air conditioning service in Melbourne is said to be completed when the technicians find that the cooling levels are as high as it should be.

One of the reputed garages and service centres offering state of the art car air conditioning service in Melbourne is Western Auto Services based in Tottenham Victoria. Our technicians have the necessary professional expertise and the latest tools to offer excellent car air conditioning service. Our customers can book a servicing slot online, tell us about the problems with the car and get a free quote. In fact if the cooling levels do not increase after regas done by us, we do not charge car owners for the service.

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Car Air Conditioning Regas and It’s Effect on Optimised Performance

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Keeping your car air conditioning system serviced and well maintained is not only about keeping your cool, it is also about having your car running at peak performance levels with an improved fuel efficiency. The rule of thumb is to take your car exclusively for car air conditioning regas once every two years at least and not club it with general service and maintenance schedule.

It is always advisable to go for a service centre that has the latest diagnostic and repair tools and well trained technicians to carry out car air conditioning regas. First the gas pressure is tested to see if there is a drop as it signifies lower cooling levels. If it is found to be so, the old refrigerant gas, oil and dye is completely removed. After the system has been carefully cleaned and dried out, the gas and liquid is topped up again and the pressure checked after some time. A drop is a sign of a leak that has to be plugged and fixed. Finally, the technicians verify whether the temperature inside the vehicle is becoming as cold as it should be.

It is also possible to carry out a regas at home with a car air conditioning regas kit. Such kits are now available and regas here costs less than that in a garage. However, a word of caution for all DIY experts – these kits are not standardised for all cars and attachments like extended hoses may be required to regas some make and models of vehicles. Further, it will not be a job at par with the service centres as car owners will not have the expertise of trained technicians or the specialised tools for carrying out a thorough job.

Western Auto Services based in Tottenham Victoria is an accredited garage with trained technicians and the latest state of the art tools for car servicing and repairs. We are authorised to issue road worthy certificates as well as to check LPG fitted cars and issue the mandatory 10 year validity LPG tank tested certificates. We offer guaranteed results for car air conditioning regas and in the rare eventuality our work does not increase cooling levels, we’ll not charge our customers for the service.

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